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Following some cosmetic procedures it’s common to get bruising to the treated area of skin. As part of the aftercare and recovery of procedures using our devices we recommend Auriderm XO, a unique Vitamin K Oxide emulsion gel specially formulated to accelerate the healing of this bruising. The active ingredient is Vitamin K Oxide, an essential component of the natural bruise healing process, which will speed up your skin’s recovery when applied to the affected area.


How it works

Simply apply a thin layer of Auriderm XO twice a day on the bruise or in the area where you would expect bruising to develop, and gently rub it in. Continue to use the gel until the appearance of the bruise is negligible or as directed by your practitioner. A bruise is simply coagulated blood under the skin that has accumulated as a result of damaged blood vessels. The Vitamin K Oxide helps break this down in a natural way. For the best results start using the gel as soon after the treatment as possible, but don’t apply to broken skin.



The Range

For The Professional

Auriderm XO is an effective way to aid the aftercare and recovery of patients following a cosmetic procedure as it simply accelerates the skin’s natural processes. The gel speeds up the resolution of bruising helping clients to regain their confidence quickly after a procedure.

Auriderm XO is an ideal complement to AesthetiCare treatments.

Auriderm® is a trademark of Auriga® International, Belgium.