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Heat Magazine reveals David Beckham uses ENDYMED!

Heat Magazine reveals David Beckham uses ENDYMED!

How does one of the world’s most famous men keep his skin looking so young? The answer…ENDYMED of course!

According to this week’s Heat Magazine, David Beckham is “obsessed” with keeping his appearance looking perfect and ENDYMED radiofrequency treatments are a big part of his routine, particularly as in a recent Instagram post, Becks stated how he was against the use of Botox to keep himself looking fresh.

According to Heat, he uses “microdermabrasion, peels, all the latest radio frequency treatments like ENDYMED…David jokes about how hard he works on his looks but it’s clearly worth the effort – he’s never looked better!”.

The technology behind ENDYMED is second-to-none with the unique and patented 3DEEP Skin Science; an advanced multi-source, phase-controlled radiofrequency technology. It’s this industry-leading technology that enables the flexibility to treat every key skin rejuvenation indication, and deliver body contouring and tightening treatments – all with outstanding, clinically proven, long-lasting results and minimal pain or downtime for your clients.

You can read more in Heat Magazine, available in Newsagents now

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