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Introducing the latest Endocare campaign for your clinic

Introducing the latest Endocare campaign for your clinic

Bring Endocare to life in your clinic with the brand new campaign Age Beautifully, which promotes the Endocare regime with fantastic value for your client… a Heliocare 360° product of their choice absolutely FREE when they buy the Endocare regime!

The Endocare regime

The daily Endocare regime brings together ingenious snail derived technologies that regenerate skin like no other; stem cell activation and growth factor stimulation. These unique technologies are combined with other key and revolutionary ingredients to give ageing skin the protection it needs.

Stem cell activation and growth factor stimulation…
The ultimate rejuvenation combination

As our skin ages our pool of stem cells reduces, and the stem cells we have become less active. Amongst other things, stem cells are the cells that produce fibroblasts – the key to skin regeneration. This results in fewer fibroblasts, which are also becoming less active as we age. As fibroblasts produce collagen, elastin and hyaluonic acid the results that we see on the skin are lines and wrinkles, lax sagging skin and a dull lacklustre complexion.

The Endocare regime combines stem cell activation with growth factor stimulation. This activates your skins own stem cells to produce more fibroblasts while simultaneously stimulating your existing fibroblasts… the result? More collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid!

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Endocare CELLPRO: The only clinically proven stem cell activator

Endocare CELLPRO delivers significant dermal regeneration for mature skin. The key behind the range is CAF BioAction Technology, which is derived from the egg of the scientific snail Cryptomphalus aspersa and is clinically proven to activate stem cells to produce new fibroblasts. Those new fibroblasts, in turn, produce new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

The Endocare CELLPRO range includes a day, night and eye product to form the daily stem cell activation part of the Endocare regime. It’s the only range in the world that’s clinically proven to activate your own stem cells!


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Endocare-C Ferulic EDAFENCE Serum:
Daily pollution and free radical defence

Your skin superhero combining:

✓ 10% Vitamin C: powerful anti-oxidant and skin brightening

✓ 0.5% Ferulic Acid
: anti-oxidant activity that also helps the Vitamins C get to work

: anti-pollution technology

✓ 10% SCA BioRepair
: snail-derived growth factors


EDAFENCE is a revolutionary technology that defends the skin from the damage caused by pollution and tobacco smoke. Derived from the Antarctic grass, Deschampsia antarctica, this unique technology not only provides anti-oxidant protection, but also prevents the stimulation of the AhR receptor – the initial trigger for the cascade of damage that pollution causes within the skin.


SCA BioRepair is an advanced growth factor complex that’s derived from the snail Cryptomphalus aspersa and combined with glycosaminoglycans and anti-oxidants. It’s clinically proven to stimulate new collagen production and strengthen the extra cellular matrix.

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Fantastic offer for your clients!

Come on board with the latest Endocare campaign and you’ll not only get all of the clinic merchandising materials that you need to promote the regime, but for a limited time when your clients buy the full Endocare regime we’ll provide the Heliocare 360° of their choice ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Heliocare 360° provides SPF50 broad spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A plus free radical defence and DNA repair. It’s the perfect addition to the regime to give skin the daily protection it needs.

Promotional materials for skin clinics

When professional skin clinics come on board with the Endocare brand and latest campaign they will receive the following campaign pack:

• Merchandising unit
• Fully supported offer
• A5 client leaflets
• A2 campaign poster
• A4 campaign promo card and holder
• Campaign focused social media posts
• Campaign focused email copy

Facebook campaign

We’ll be running social media campaigns to raise awareness of the Endocare brand among consumers. These adverts and posts will drive traffic to our ‘find a clinic’ section of the website, where they will able to find their nearest skin clinic stockist to get in touch with.

Get on board with Endocare

Whether you already offer Endocare in your clinic or you’re new to the brand, complete the form below and we’ll get in touch to chat to you about getting on board with the latest campaign!