BiRetix Spot-Control Programme

BiRetix Spot-Control Programme
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If spots affect your confidence, this is the perfect programme for you. Spots can be difficult to manage on an ongoing basis, but this 24-week programme will leave you in complete control.

As you work your way through the programme you’ll start to see real changes in your skin; it’ll be clearer with fewer spots, it’ll look less shiny and will feel refreshed, soothed and smooth. How do we know? Because we have the clinical studies to prove it.

The focus of your programme is BiRetix Duo gel, a powerhouse of advanced technologies that tackle spots at every stage of their development; an advanced combination of vitamin A clears pores and clarifies your skin, while a botanical complex fights the bacteria that lead to spots – all the while salicylic acid reduces redness and purifies your skin. Add to that your BiRetix Mask, Micropeel wash and Cleanser and your skin will be left feeling fabulous, and worrying about spots will be a thing of the past.

Find out more about the causes of spot-prone skin.

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