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The hero product for tackling ageing and wrinkles

The retinol serum for intense skin rejuvenation

Retriderm harnesses the power of retinol (Vitamin A) in unique serums that help the retinol get to work in the skin, while minimising irritation.

Retriderm is clinically proven to target and repair the signs of ageing, delivering significant improvements in:

  • Lines and wrinkles

  • Elasticity and tightness

  • Texture and tone

How does Retriderm work?

Retriderm harnesses the qualities of retinol, a naturally available form of vitamin A that can be found in our diet and our bodies.

The clever protein-rich serums help the retinol get to work in your skin while minimising irritation.

The principal role of retinol is skin cell production and activity which, in turn, leads to better structure of the epidermis, and ultimately the dermis with enhanced collagen. When you add to that activity extra hydration with hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidant protection from vitamin E, you have an intense, highly effective regeneration serum.

Retriderm can produce clinically significant results such as reduced fine lines and wrinkles, improved elasticity and tightness, and enhanced texture and tone in as little as 8 weeks.


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The Retriderm range

Retinol is a powerful, clinically proven skincare ingredient. It’s important to acclimatise your skin by using the Retriderm Serum (0.5%) every other evening for the first week or two, before using it every evening. Once you’ve finished your Retriderm Serum (0.5%), you can then step up to Retriderm MAX (1%)!

It’s also important use sun protection, Heliocare 360˚, every morning while using Retriderm, as the retinol can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.


Take a look at the results

Daily use of Retriderm has been clinically proven to significantly rejuvenate aged and photo-damaged skin.


  • Baseline Retriderm-before-and-after-shot-1-before
    After 8 weeks use of Retriderm Retriderm-before-and-after-shot-1-after
    © Vivia Bucay, MD
  • Baseline
    After 12 weeks use of Retriderm
    © Leon, H Kircik, MD

For The Professional

Our Retriderm range of products has been thoroughly tested by internationally renowned dermatologists and has been found to produce significant improvements in the appearance of ageing skin. By harnessing the qualities of Retinol, a naturally available form of Vitamin A, we’ve developed a protein-rich serum that can optimise the amount of Vitamin A available to your skin cells, resulting in natural, long lasting results. Clinical studies and assessments have found that significant skin improvements are achievable after only four weeks of daily use.

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