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Anna Kendrick gets her skin red-carpet ready with EndyMed!

Anna Kendrick gets her skin red-carpet ready with EndyMed!

Whether it’s The Oscars, The Emmys or The Grammys, glowing and flawless skin is at the top of the list for celebrities so they can have that picture-perfect moment when they step out onto the red carpet in front of the world. And such perfection doesn’t come easy. Contrary to what they’d have you believe, the rich and famous don’t just roll out of bed looking perfect. The process of getting smoother, glowing, tighter and revialtised skin can start weeks in advance. And let’s face it, when they step out looking incredible we know it’s definitely worth it!

Want to know how you can get the red carpet glow too? Well then we’ll let you in on a little secret…

The fabulous Anna Kendrick has revealed to all that she is partial to an EndyMed INTENSIF Skin Remodeling & Sculpting treatment to get her skin looking just perfect for awards season. The treatment targets aged and tired skin, areas of deep lines, wrinkles and scars on your face and body. It greatly improves the treated areas leaving defined, revitalized skin. The results of this clinically-proven treatment are natural and long-lasting, specifically smoother, tighter sculpted skin making it perfect to get that glowing red carpet look!

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