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Are you making this common skin mistake?

Are you making this common skin mistake?

Good Housekeeping explores one of the biggest winter skincare error… shunning the sun screen.

When the sun disappears many of us forget about applying sun screen, but if you’re worried about sun damage and premature ageing it’s just as important to apply sun protection during the winter as on those balmy summer days. UVA is present and wreaking havoc on your skin every day, all year round… even when it’s cloudy! And if you’re hitting the piste this Winter your UV exposure could be even higher than on your summer beach holiday!

A scary thought! But worry not – all you need to do is add one product to your morning regime, and Good Housekeeping recommends Heliocare as one of it’s top picks for year round sun protection!

You can read the full article, including top tips for choosing your sun protection here.

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