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Are you on board with the latest Heliocare 360° promotional campaign?

Are you on board with the latest Heliocare 360° promotional campaign?

Come on board with the latest promo campaign!

The latest Heliocare 360° campaign raises awareness of the need to protect skin from the sun every day, all year round. There’s lots of promotional and educational materials for you to use in your clinic and online – read on to find out more!

Keep it up: sun protection isn’t just for Summer

The sun is damaging our skin every day all year round – even on the cloudiest of days. It’s the main cause of premature skin ageing and impairs our skin health – in worst cases leading to skin cancer. While many clients apply sun protection on sunny days they are unaware of the need to protect their skin every day, regardless of the weather. Whenever we’re outside during daylight hours, our skin needs protecting. Which is why rather than talking about sun protection we talk about daylight protection.

The Keep it up campaign is focused on helping you to educate your clients on the damage that daylight causes, and the need to protect skin with Heliocare 360° every day.

What’s involved?

When you come on board with the campaign you’ll receive your campaign pack and digital marketing toolkit. If you’re already on board with the campaign, we’ve even added some new materials for you to use!

Your pack will include:

• Short, informative client leaflets
• A2 campaign poster
• A3 treatment room poster – NEW
• A4 promo card and holder
• A5 educational sun damage fact cards – NEW
• Daylight protection reception-area reading material – NEW
• Social media posts – NEW
• Email content

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Heliocare 360° Heroes

You’ll also receive our Heliocare 360° Heroes promotion which focuses on Heliocare 360° Gel Oil-Free – the one that’s perfect for oily/combination skin.

The Heliocare 360° Heroes series changes throughout the year and gives each Heliocare 360° product its time in the limelight. It’s a great way of highlighting the benefits of each product and who it’s most suitable for.

We’ve got a fabulous special offer to help you promote the campaign – fill out the short form to find out more!

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To support the activity in your clinic and to drive awareness of the damage that daylight causes all year round, we’re creating lots of new content that you can share with your clients across Facebook and Instagram.

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Get involved!

Whether you already offer Heliocare 360° in your clinic or you’re new to the brand, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to bring you on board with this fabulous campaign!