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Clinic in the Spotlight: Harrogate Aesthetics

Clinic in the Spotlight: Harrogate Aesthetics

ENDYMED devices are transforming how both practitioners and patients view non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Led by Medical Aesthetic Practitioners, Sharon Bennett and Anthea Whiteley, Harrogate Aesthetics offer a range of skin rejuvenation treatments using the latest in radiofrequency technology, ENDYMED 3DEEP.

With a primary focus on providing clients with results orientated treatments, Harrogate Aesthetics has offered ENDYMED treatments for more than two years. We spoke to Sharon and Anthea and asked what their clients think about ENDYMED and how the revolutionary radiofrequency device has enhanced and grown their clinic.

What do your clients love most about ENDYMED?

Our clients love the results they get from the ENDYMED treatments we offer, particularly the firming and lifting they see to their skin and the improvement to their complexion. They also love the instant result they see!

Clients also comment how enjoyable it is to have the treatment, especially ENDYMED TIGHTEN, which is often compared to a warming facial massage.

Who is your target customer?

We mostly have clients coming in looking for skin tightening and the reduction of wrinkles.

How do you promote ENDYMED treatments to customers?

AesthetiCare provide a wide range of fabulous marketing materials that help us to promote ENDYMED to our customers. We find that the posters displayed outside the clinic really help to create interest in the treatment and bring in prospective clients off the street.

In addition, it really helps that all the practitioners in the clinic love the results of ENDYMED INTENSIF and regularly have the treatment themselves. Then when clients as us how we achieve our fantastic looking skin we can tell them it’s all because of ENDYMED!

Why did you decide to add ENDYMED to your treatment offering?

We looked into and tried out many radiofrequency devices over a 4-year period, we just couldn’t find one that delivered great results and was supported by stacks of clinical data – until we had a demonstration of ENDYMED! We were deliberating between 2 devices, but the fantastic customer support that AesthetiCare provided encouraged us to choose them.

Has ENDYMED enhanced your business?

Yes definitely – ENDYMED is our only radiofrequency device in clinic and since we purchased it we have seen a great growth in business from both new and existing customers.

Do you see repeat business with ENDYMED?

Yes, a lot of customers opt for 2 courses initially and then the majority keep coming back for ‘top-up’ treatments. Our customers see fantastic results and want to ensure they maintain them, retaining customer loyalty to the treatment.

How have you found working with AesthetiCare and the after-purchase support of ENDYMED?

Working with AesthetiCare has been excellent and the whole team are very supportive to our clinic. They are continually bringing out new marketing materials and making improvements and developments to the product, everything we would want when partnering with a supplier.

Would you recommend ENDYMED to another clinic?


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