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Clinic in the Spotlight: True You Skin Clinic

Clinic in the Spotlight: True You Skin Clinic

Lindsey McEnroe from True You Skin Clinics is a proud Partner of ENDYMED. With consumers looking more and more for non-invasive treatment options, whilst still delivering meaningful results, Lindsey tells us how the demand for the ENDYMED treatments has been growing in her clinic over the past 18 months.

What do your clients love most about ENDYMED?

My clients love the results they get from TIGHTEN and FSR, it’s a go to treatment for lines and wrinkles especially for improvements to the eye area. Clients are often impressed with the results ENDYMED delivers without using any toxins or fillers.

What is your favorite ENDYMED treatment?

ENDYMED FSR, treating the eye area, it never fails to deliver great results for clients who complain about sagging eyes, lines and wrinkles. There are not many other treatments available which can deliver the same results as ENDYMED.

Why did you decide to add ENDYMED to your treatment offering?

We had an increased demand of clients looking for skin rejuvenation treatments. Fillers and toxins can only do so much, they don’t improve the surface or structure of the skin, unlike ENDYMED, and it met our requirements perfectly, we can now give clients the smoother, clearer, tighter and lifted skin that so many desire!

Has ENDYMED enhanced your business?

Yes definitely, so much so that we are now even looking to purchase another system! ENDYMED enabled us to expand our treatment offering to meet the growing demand of clients wanting to look younger naturally.

Have you achieved your break-even figure/ROI?

 Yes, I received my return on investment in just 6 months, and that was with only myself performing treatments on my existing clients!

Has ENDYMED brought in new customers?

Treatments have been so popular with our existing clients that I haven’t focused on promoting it to potential new customers, as I was the only clinician trained to deliver treatments. However, AesthetiCare have recently trained my other aestheticians so I am looking forward to promoting it more widely.

Do you see repeat business with ENDYMED?

Yes, we have an ENDYMED customer for life with every treatment course we sell. All clients book for regular maintenance treatments, I even have one customer who comes in once a month. Clients love the results so want to maintain them.

How have you found working with AesthetiCare and the ongoing support with ENDYMED?

Great, me and my team have received fantastic marketing and training support which helped make ENDYMED a success in my clinic.

Would you recommend ENDYMED to another clinic?

Yes, and I have, to several other clinics.

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