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Control Tactics



Control Tactics™ Gel is recommended for those with skin affected by rosacea, as well as recovering and stressed skin following a variety of skin treatments such as EDS or EndyMed procedures. It is an advanced, parabens free, clear gel that can be easily massaged into your skin to soothe flushed skin and ease your recovery.  The advanced multi-action formula combines anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and hydrating medigrade ingredients to boost the recovery of your stressed skin.

Control Tactics™ Gel is effective at treating the following:

  • Anti-inflammatory control – It can help reduce the flushing and inflammation caused by rosacea, as well the redness and swelling produced by some skin procedures, helping your stressed skin to recover without impacting on the positive results of the treatment.
  • Anti-oxidant protection – Recovering and stressed skin can experience increased levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that can cause harm to skin cells. Control Tactics™ uses a combination of anti-oxidants; Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C and E, along with raspberry, chamomile flower and green tea extracts to control and reduce the damaging effects of ROS.
  • Recovery & hydration – To help accelerate skin recovery Control Tactics™ is formulated with Oat Beta-Glucan to help accelerate the healing process. As compromised skin may experience increased water loss, Hydrolized Algin, Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin, Allantoin and Olus Oil all help to keep it hydrated and encourage moisture retention in your skin.


How it works

Control Tactics™ can be used either as part of your SKINSYNERGY regime or following aesthetic procedures, such as GD® or eDS® skin rejuvenation or EndyMed FSR.

When used as part of your daily skincare regime to manage rosacea and flushed skin, massage Control Tactics™ Gel into clean skin every morning and evening.

Following a procedure, your practitioner may apply Control Tactics in clinic to aid your skin’s recovery. You can also use Control Tactics following the procedure at home until the redness or irritation has resolved.



The Range

Control Tactics™ is available in a handy 60ml pump dispenser pack, which is ideal for home use.

For The Professional

Control Tactics™ Gel is available for clinics and customers and is ideal for managing clients’ skin in the recovery phase following an aesthetic procedure, or to help manage rosacea.

It’s an essential gel for your clinic trollies with multiple applications in soothing and helping the recovery of treated skin, reducing downtime, redness and irritation.

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