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Is daily sun protection finally being seen as an essential part of every skincare regime?

Is daily sun protection finally being seen as an essential part of every skincare regime?

It’s a subject that we’re truly passionate about at AesthetiCare, and we know most skin specialists are too. Sun protection should be a part of everyone’s daily skincare regime, regardless of time of year and weather.

The risk of UVB exposure in Summer months is widely known, with the damage to skin being much more visible – and painful. But because the damage caused by UVA sneaks up on us over time with no immediate visible impact, we find ourselves promoting something that’s quite difficult to sell… hope.

It’s all about education – something that professional skin clinics like yours have played a huge part in. It’s about highlighting the risk that daylight holds for skin, damaging not just it’s appearance, but also skin health. And there are plenty of facts to back up the argument:

  • UVA is present in daylight all year round, penetrating cloud and glass

  • UVA makes up 95% of the sun’s rays and, as a longer wavelength, it penetrates deeper into the skin than UVB1,2

  • UV is responsible for up to 80% of skin ageing3

  • For those who enjoy winter sports, the UV risk is approximately doubled in snowy conditions1

So it’s clear – no matter what time of year or what you’re doing, you must to protect your skin today for your best skin tomorrow.

Education + persistence = success

Excitingly, it seems that education and persistence from those who are passionate about the virtues of daily sun protection are starting to have an impact! We’ve seen an increase in bloggers, influencers and celebrities joining in to spread the word – most following advice from their own skin specialist. All of your hard work has spread beyond your customer base to a much broader audience.

From Tanya Burr, blogger and beauty expert, to Trinny Woodall, TV presenter and author, and Olympic Rower Karen Bennett, the range of converts is wide-reaching.

The recent BBC programme ‘The Truth About Looking Good’ spread the message even further, with presenter Cherry Healey summarising “If you really want something that works that tackles wrinkles and ageing – it’s suncream and retinol”.

Are we all starting to get some traction in our drive to raise awareness?

There’s more work to be done

The need for daily broad-spectrum sun protection has been further strengthened by more research into the dark horses of the light spectrum – visible light and infrared-A.

In a recent paper, Dr. Henry Lim, Board Certified Dermatologist and current President of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), highlights the need to consider the damage caused by visible light and infrared-A as well as UVA and UVB4. And here’s why:

Visible light:

  • Not only causes changes to pigmentation and erythema2, but also free radical production5

  • Is responsible for 33% of sun-induces free radicals6

  • Has been shown to cause darker pigmentation than UVA7


  • Represents a third of solar radiation reaching our skin4

  • Directly effects cells in the epidermis, dermis and even subcutaneous tissue4

  • Causes more wrinkles when paired with UV radiation in comparison to either one alone4

So there’s more education to be done. To give our skin the best protection we need to not only think about defending the skin from UVA and UVB, but also visible light and infrared-A. The challenge is on!


How many of your clients now use daily sun protection? And what tools have you found most useful in educating your client base?

It would be great to hear your feedback so that we can help support you with the educational materials that work best – email

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