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DNA Repair – Evidence Based Skincare

DNA Repair – Evidence Based Skincare

The consequences of DNA damage in skin cells are far reaching and play a major role in skin ageing and the inevitable effect this has on the skins’ appearance. Damaged cells are unable to replicate and their normal function is inhibited, they become dormant and cease to function, inevitably leading to programmed cell death (PCD). The repair and rejuvenation of skin cell DNA is conducted by the bodies own defence mechanisms; naturally occurring anti-oxidants, Langerhan cells and DNA repair enzymes.  As we age and with the influence of external pollution and UV exposure, these naturally present defences decline and further support is needed.

Whilst DNA Repair is a novel and exciting approach to anti-ageing skincare and cosmeceuticals, the SKINSYNERGY by AesthetiCare® portfolio of category leading, evidence based dermatological products and devices has long been ahead of the game in terms of advanced and synergistic skincare technologies and formulations, DNA Repair is no exception.

Heliocare®, the multi-award winning, clinically advanced anti-ageing UV protection range has long been recognised in the medical aesthetics industry as the category leader for high level UVA | UVB protection.Fernblock, the patented extract of the fern P.leucotomos, is the unique ingredient contained in everyHeliocare®  product and provides exclusive “Protection From Within”, protecting and enhancing the skins health by providing powerful:

  • Skin-specific broad spectrum anti-oxidant activity
  • Skin fibroblast and collagen protection
  • Skin immunological Langerhan cell protection
  • Skin-cell DNA protection
  • Skin UV allergy protection

With a raft of anti-ageing cosmeceuticals launched on a daily basis it can be hard for consumers to distinguish the ‘best’ from the ‘rest’ as, whilst claims of wrinkle and fine line reduction are rife there are few products or ingredients that have valid, scientific clinical studies to substantiate their claims. Not so for Heliocare® and its unique Fernblockingredient!

In a 2009 study by Zattra E et al, it was found that not only does Fernblock inhibit the formation of thymine dimers (lesions linked to cell mutation and the development of skin cancer) but it also enhances the repair of UV induced DNA damage. In an earlier 2004 study by MiddleKamp-Hup MA et al, the efficacy of Fernblock in protecting the Langerhans cells was investigated. The results of this study showed significant preservation of Langerhan cells shape and function in subjects using Fernblock, there was also a clear reduction in UV induced Langerhan cell depletion.

Consisting of topical products and oral supplements, the Heliocare® range enables an aesthetic clinic to provide a concise and distinct product choice that is suitable for most skin-types and encourages everyday use. Integral to every Heliocare®  product is the unique and patented FernblockP.leucotomosextract. The topical products are further enhanced and  provide further protection within the skin by expertly integrating Green Tea Extract and Vitamin E anti-oxidant, Ultrasome DNA repair and Phytosphingosome* anti-inflammatory ingredients into their “Great Skin-Loving Feel” formulations. TheHeliocare® Ultra Capsules are a daily-use oral supplement that provides the unique Heliocare®“Protection From Within” alongside the anti-oxidant supplements Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lutein and Lycopine with the addition of a daily supplement dose of Vitamin D in the Heliocare® Ultra D Capsules.

Working in perfect SKINSYNERGY with the Heliocare® range, is the PRESCRIBEDsolutions[CUSTOMIZED SKINCARE] range of customisable, medigrade cosmetics which provide a PREPARE.PROTECT.REPAIR approach to skincare. With each product expertly formulated from evidence based natural ingredients, there are specific products within the range which focus on DNA Repair; Urbane Renewal (Triple Action DNA Repair Serum), Cream No Sugar (Triple Action DNA Repair Night Cream) and Stop the Clock (Triple Action DNA Repair SPF50 Day Cream). Incorporating the innovative, advanced and evidence based DNA repair ingredients; Photosomes, Roxisomes and Unirepair T-43 which are all clinically proven to repair damaged nuclear and mitochondrial DNA the threePRESCRIBEDsolutions DNA Repair serums and creams were the subject of a 2012 study by leading USA dermatologists.

27 people with moderate to severe photodamage were treated over a period of 12 weeks, the results showed significant improvements from baseline for the visible signs of ageing and photodamage with the percentages below based on GAIS:

  • 96% showed improvement
  • 52% showed marked or exceptional improvement

A more in depth look at the key DNA repair ingredients and evidence base behind them will be published in our next blog. Watch this space!

Further information about both of these ranges can be found on the AesthetiCare® website. Alternatively, and to request a copy of the PRESCRIBEDsolutionsWhite Paper, please contact Customer Services on 0800 0195322 or and we will be happy to help.

  • Not all products contain Phytosphingosomes

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Roger Bloxham is the Managing Director of AesthetiCare.


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