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Endocare Growth Factor Facials – Treatment Experience


Your skin is given a refreshing cleanse and a clarifying exfoliation with glycolic and salicylic acid, to unclog pores and clear away any impurities and dead skin cells.


Collagen production is boosted in three ways to reveal a healthy, youthful and radiant complexion.

Step 1

Micro-needling surface skin renewal creates tiny micro channels which stimulates and regenerates the top layer of your skin. At the same time Endocare Concentrate serum is applied to the skin infusing the micro-channels created with highly concentrated growth factors.

Step 2

A lift and sculpt facial massage helps to increase blood supply and stimulate the flow of oxygen and nutrients through the skin whilst working Endocare Concentrate serum deeper into the skin.

Step 3

A nourishing Endocare growth factor mask helps soothe and hydrate the skin whilst intensifying the skins growth factor absorption.


Your skin is given maximum protection with the application of Heliocare 360˚ SPF50.
Following your facial treatment, your skin can be more sensitive to the sun and it’s damaging rays.

Home-use Programme

Maximise your in-clinic results with the recommended Endocare Growth Factor Facial home-use products

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