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Endocare – The Science of the Snail

Endocare – The Science of the Snail

The anti-ageing properties of “snail slime” have been hitting the headlines for a number of years claiming celebrity endorsers such as Katie Holmes. With creams and lotions claiming to contain high percentages of “snail slime” available on the internet a clinic in Korea have taken this to the next level by introducing a new facial BI0-122 treatment which involves allowing live snails to crawl over the patients face!

Luckily for the more squeamish amongst us and for those who look at the evidence behind their skincare products, there is a clinically proven alternative: Endocare® Tensage. The key ingredient in Endocare® Tensage is SCA Biorepair Technology; this unique and patented natural growth factor* ingredient was discovered through clinical research and refined from the regenerating secretion of the mollusc, C.aspersa. Produced by a combination of 3 different glands this was identified as the most biologically active secretion of all the snails investigated and is very different from the bio-inactive
074-676“snail slime” released upon movement. Following a patented pharmaceutical – like purification and stabilisation process, SCA is produced. This natural, bio-active medigrade ingredient contains growth factors which comprise 8 out of 10 of the amino acids essential to humans along with natural anti-oxidants and Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). First researched in 1963 and with research ongoing to the present day, unlike many of the snail products available, the Endocare® Tensage range boasts an impressive library of clinical research** and evidence to support its efficacy in reducing the visible signs of ageing.

First introduced to the UK in 2008 as Endocare®, the range has been further developed by manufacturers IFC (the scientific brains behind the multi-award winning Heliocare® range of anti-ageing, UV protection products) over recent years until finally becoming the Endocare®Tensage range towards the end of 2012. The serums, cream and eye products now form a complete range, designed for daily use to provide an intensive anti-ageing skin regeneration skincare programme.

You can identify the amount of SCA Biorepair Technology in each product by THE REPAIR INDEX stated on the pack (ranging from 6% – 50% in the ultra intensive Endocare® TensageAmpoules). This combined with Tensderm active phytoestrogen and calcium skin-firming complex and other evidence based ingredients***Endocare® Tensage products provide:

  • Natural growth factor stimulation of; skin fibroblasts, keratinocytes, dermal extra-cellular-matrix regeneration
  • Natural skin anti-oxidant activity
  • Significant reduction in the visible signs of ageing (lines, wrinkles, texture, elasticity, moisturisation) from 30 days daily regime use

Endocare® Tensage is available from medical aesthetic clinics across the UK and Ireland. Lou Sommereux, owner and Clinical Director of The Cosmex Clinic in Cambridge providesEndocare® Tensage products to her patients, frequently using them in combination with skin rejuvenation procedures such as medical skin needling due to their wound healing capabilities. Feedback from her patients is fantastic:

“I have had many treatments over the years with Lou Sommereux at The Cosmex clinic and I trust Lou implicitly so I knew if she was promoting these products and had complete trust in them and their results then they were definitely worth trying. My skin had become very dry and tired looking. I began with the vials of serum, eye cream and moisturiser and then followed up with the pump serum once I had finished with the vials.

Within 3-5 days my skin had already improved greatly, even the heavier lines around my eyes and mouth had improved enormously.

The products were so lovely to use and people started to comment on how good my skin looked 

I loved the serum, so light to use and was my favourite part of the process.

Amazingly, these products cost little more than the high street creams that don’t come close to Endocare®.

I will definitely continue to use Endocare®. My skin continues to improve.

I would and have highly recommended people to try these superb products…..

They work, it’s that simple!” Karen – a patient at The Cosmex Clinic, Cambridge

Further information about the Endocare® Tensage range can be found on the website or by contacting AesthetiCare® Customer Services on 0800 0195322 or

* Growth factors have traditionally been derived from a number of sources including: human (not permitted under EU Cosmetic Directive), Plants & Animals. Growth factors are regulating proteins which signal pathways between and within cells, in laymans terms they switch cells on promoting both natural wound healing and anti-ageing activity.

** Reference papers available on request

*** includes: Vitamin E, Vitamin C, CoQ10 plus, Niacinimide, Hyaluronic Acid, Squalene, Tetrapeptides, Tripeptides, Argreline, Albatin, Alistin, Natriquest


Roger Bloxham is the Managing Director of AesthetiCare.