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Genuine Dermaroller tops The Telegraph’s 50 ways to look younger this New Year!

Genuine Dermaroller tops The Telegraph’s 50 ways to look younger this New Year!

Helping readers begin the New Year by defying the onset of another decade, The Telegraph have put together a comprehensive list of 50 ways to look younger and improve your ageing outlook and booking a Genuine Dermaroller session is one of their top 10 recommendations.

This professional medi-grade skin needling treatment involves passing fine needles repeatedly across the skin using the gold-award-winning Genuine Dermaroller. The procedure will kick start the skin’s natural repair-processes, generating new collagen and elastin, reaping the benefits of finer, brighter, smoother skin.

Have you heard the Genuine Dermaroller has now gone electric?

The makers of the Genuine Dermaroller, EDS Skin Rejuvenation have taken professional skin needling to the next level with the eDermastamp. Electrically powered, with the highest quality needles and precision controls, the eDermastamp enables the practitioner to accurately adjust the speed and needle depth to deliver, not only a more tailored treatment, but also a treatment which will consistently deliver significant results. In a recent survey 100% of patients surveyed found skin needling with the eDermastamp a comfortable treatment and a further 100% found it more comfortable than manual skin needling with the Genuine Dermaroller. The more effective and more intense electric skin needling treatment EDS Rejuvenation, will significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, combat the signs of ageing and improve impaired texture and tone.

To find out more about these first class and highly recommended treatments please click the links below.

EDS Rejuvenate with the eDermastamp

GD Rejuvenate with the Genuine Dermaroller

To read The Telegraph’s full article click here.




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