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Heliocare 360° supporting Crisis

Heliocare 360° supporting Crisis

Heliocare 360° supporting Crisis

For every Heliocare 360° product purchased by clinic stockists in November and December 2019 we’ll donate 20p to Crisis, a UK charity dedicated to ending homelessness.

Homelessness is a devastating experience. It leaves people isolated and vulnerable. Every donation helps Crisis to support people directly out of homelessness, and campaign for the changes needed to end it altogether.

You can read more about how Crisis use donations here.

How donations make a difference at Crisis:

£50 – Helps someone gain the skills or qualifications they need to turn their life around

£100 – Provides support, training and equipment to help someone find their way back into employment

£250 – Provides one-to-one support to help someone find a safe place to call home

We hope that with the help of fabulous our clinic stockists driving and promoting this initiative we’ll be able to make a significant donation that will make a real difference to people’s lives.

You can share this message in your skin clinic with this A4 promotional insert – just ask for it to be included in your next Heliocare 360° order. You’ll also find social media posts in your marketing toolkit for you to share on Facebook and Instagram.

We’ll announce our total donation in January 2020.

Read more about Crisis and how to help.

If you have any questions about taking part in the promotion of this initiative get in touch on 0800 019 5322 or at

Are you on board with the Heliocare 360° autumn/winter campaign?

We’ve launched the autumn / winter campaign to reinvigorate Heliocare 360° in your clinic with a fun, autumn/winter look and feel.

As the weather changes we may be reaching for our knitwear, but if there’s one thing that we need to keep up after the summer months it’s using sun protection every day.

We know that many aspects of sunlight damage our skin all year round, penetrating cloud and even glass. That damage can cause premature skin ageing and impair skin health, so let’s make sure your clients keep up their good skincare habits and continue to use their favourite Heliocare 360° product every day regardless of the weather or season!

Read all about your free campaign pack and how to come on board here.

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To support the activity in your clinic and to drive awareness of the damage that the sun/daylight causes, we’re creating lots of new content that you can share with your clients across Facebook and Instagram.

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Whether you already offer Heliocare 360° in your clinic or you’re new to the brand, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to bring you on board with this fabulous campaign!

If you’re already a Heliocare 360° stockist we’ll send your campaign pack out once you’ve completed the form – we’ll get in touch to make sure it’s received and you have everything you need .