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Heliocare Ultra Capsules Combat UV Allergic Skin Reactions

Heliocare Ultra Capsules Combat UV Allergic Skin Reactions

Sun Induced Skin Reactions

Sun-induced allergic skin reactions are common, affecting up to 20% of individuals with women being more commonly affected than men. Polymorphic light eruption (PLE) is the most common photosensitive disorder and manifests as an itchy and painful rash. Often confused with ‘prickly heat’, a much rarer condition resulting from blocked sweat glands, PLE rashes appear upon exposure to sunlight and can last anywhere between 1 and 7 days.

Whilst the cause of PLE is not fully understood, it is thought to be an immune reaction to a compound in the skin that is altered by exposure to UV light. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) have also been implicated in the pathogenesis of PLE.

Heliocare® Ultra Oral Capsules

Heliocare® Ultra Oral Capsules are proven to provide a clinically significant reduction in UV allergic skin reactions such as PLE; this is due to the unique and patented FernblockPhotoimmunoprotection Technology. Fernblock, an extract from a tropical fern, P. leucotomos is a key ingredient in the Heliocare® range. This patented technology was discovered and developed by leading Dermatologists Drs Fitzpatrick, Pathak and Gonzales and is recommended by Dermatologists across the USA and around the world as an oral supplement which is clinically proven to help skin protect itself against UV ageing and damage “from within”.

Heliocare® Ultra Oral Capsules clearly show a skin-specific anti-oxidant activity, fibroblast and collagen protection, langerhan cell protection, DNA protection and repair and a clinically significant reduction in UV allergic skin reactions such as PLE.

Caccialanza et al (2007) demonstrated that Heliocare® Ultra Oral Capsules could help reduce different types of UV-induced skin reactions in patients who had previously been unresponsive to other treatments. 80% of the patients who completed the study showed an improvement in their condition with 31% showing a complete normalisation with no occurrences of skin reactions upon UV exposure.

In 2010, Tanew et al, investigated the effects of Heliocare® Ultra Oral Capsules on patients severely affected with PLE. 30 patients receiving Heliocare® Ultra Oral Capsules daily showed substantial reduction in the frequency of occurrence of PLE lesions following UVA and UVB exposure and also a significant delay in their formation.

The images below, provided by Dr Marina Venturini, Specialist in Photodermatology and Researcher in Dermatology at the Spedali Civili Hospital, Italy, demonstrate the ability of the unique natural plant extract within Heliocare® Ultra Oral Capsules in reducing PLE in susceptible patients. A leading authority on the use of oral supplementation for UV Protection, Dr Venturini has recently presented on the subject at the FACE Conference and Exhibition in London.

All of the 10 patients who took part in the study developed PLE lesions after repeated irradiation with UVA. Of these, 5 patients also developed PLE lesions after UVB radiation. As demonstrated above a 67% increase in the level of UV radiation was required to induce a response following the introduction of Heliocare® Ultra Oral Caspules, this was the case for both UVA and UVB radiation. What the pictures also demonstrate is that not only was the level of UV exposure required greater after patients began taking the Heliocare® Ultra Oral Capsules, the PLE reaction witnessed is less severe than that at the start of the study.

This particular study was divided into 3 sections:

  1. Days 0 – 7: First photoprovocation with repeated exposures to artificial UVB and UVB to induce PLE lesions
  2. Days 7 – 28: Daily administration of Heliocare® Ultra Oral Capsules (480mg of Fernblock) over 3 weeks
  3. Days 21 – 28: Second photoprovocation whilst patients still taking Heliocare® Ultra Oral Capsules.

UK Case Study

Susan Poynton from Worcestershire has been suffering from PLE for a number of years. After extensive research on her behalf she approached her local Heliocare® stockist, S3 Medical Aesthetics, for the Heliocare® Ultra Oral Capsules prior to a holiday in Italy. Susan started by taking one Heliocare® Ultra Capsule (480 mg of Fernblock) on the first day of her holiday and increased this to 2 capsules a day after 4 days. Susan says:

“I have suffered from PLE for many years, it only happens when I have gone abroad to sunnier and hotter climates. As the condition effects the enjoyment of my holiday I would try any remedy that could help. I have tried different remedies, but they have made no difference. It has been so extreme that I feel my flesh is crawling and is so itchy that I have lay in a bath of cold water to cool my skin. I also approached my GP to ask if he could prescribe anything for this condition. Which he declined. It was then that I researched and fell upon Heliocare®. It did not stop the PLE but it dramatically reduced the condition, so much so it did not make my skin crawl and itch. Next time I go on holiday I will definitely take them again but will try taking them a week before I go.”

For more information about Fernblock and the Heliocare® range of advanced anti-ageing, UV protection products, contact AesthetiCare® Customer Services on 0800 0195322 or

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Roger Bloxham is the Managing Director of AesthetiCare.


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