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Heliocare Ultra named as a top skin supplement by

Heliocare Ultra named as a top skin supplement by asked top Harley Street aesthetic doctor, Dr. David Jack, to give his top recommendations for skin supplements that help keep your skin looking young and fresh…and Heliocare Ultra has made the list.

Dr. Jack says: “‘Heliocare makes some of the best sunblocks going so it is only natural that they should start to experiment with oral supplementation.  These capsules contain 480mg Fernblock, a naturally derived molecule that helps protect skin (and eye) cells against damage from UV rays.  In combination with vitamins C and E, which also have protecting effects on the skin, it can help the skin repair itself after sun damage too.

 Not a substitute for sunscreen but a great addition to ensure your skin is well protected.’

Heliocare Ultra capsules contain high levels of Fernblock®, the natural plant extract with proven skin-specific UV protection capabilities, boosted by Vitamin C and E and the botanically derived Lutein and Licopene. A capsule in the morning and repeated 4-6 hours later during periods of high risk can provide anti-oxidant protection and enhancement of the underlying skin-architecture and help protect the skin’s immunological functions and cellular DNA.



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