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How your clients really feel through menopause

How your clients really feel through menopause

How your clients really feel through menopause (and how you can help them look and feel their best)

Your female client base is made up of a diverse range of individuals. Different backgrounds. Different personalities. Different skincare needs. But one thing unites them all; menopause.

Every woman will go through menopause. And it’s likely that a large segment of your client base is already perimenopausal or menopausal.

That means you have a fantastic opportunity to help women as they go through perimenopause and then menopause. But if you’re to successfully talk to them about menopause, it’s important to understand how they are feeling.

How women feel during menopause

Menopause symptoms vary from one woman to another. Some experience hot flushes and mood swings. Others encounter sleepless nights or loss of libido. Some symptoms are well reported – such as night sweats and irritability. While others such as joint pains or hair loss might come as more of a surprise.

But one symptom that effects almost every woman during menopause is a drop in confidence.

We asked women who are either menopausal or post-menopausal about their experiences and 87% reported feeling less confident at this time.

We delved a little deeper to discover why they felt less confident.

While many mentioned feeling less confident in social situations or in the workplace, the most common cause for a drop in confidence was changes in their appearance. In fact, 70% of those who reported a loss of confidence said they felt less confident about their appearance.

Why skin changes affect confidence during menopause

Your clients want to look their best at every stage of life. So, seeing their appearance change dramatically in a short period of time can be a shock. And of course, knowing that your looks are changing can have a huge impact on confidence.

Of the women we surveyed, here are the changes they noticed most about their skin during menopause:

  • 65% noticed increased dryness
  • 65% noticed increased sagging/drooping skin
  • 35% noticed more wrinkles
  • 65% noticed duller-looking skin
  • 35% noticed uneven texture and tone

Your opportunity to talk to your clients about menopause

When a client visits you for anti-ageing advice, or is showing signs of menopausal skin, you can chat to them about menopause and explain how it affects skin.

Depending on the individual client, you can also chat to them more generally about how they are feeling. Menopause symptoms such as sleep loss, or stress can show in the condition of the skin and many clients will welcome the opportunity to talk about their experiences.

Demonstrating your knowledge and expertise will help them understand the changes they’re experiencing. You’ll also help them regain confidence in their appearance as you explain the steps they can take to continue looking their best during menopause.

Of course, the key to talking confidently with your clients is to demonstrate your knowledge. Learn about how menopause affects the skin due to decreasing oestrogen levels – and it’s also important to have an awareness of other menopause symptoms.

This will allow you to tailor your conversation to each individual client. Some will be interested to learn the science behind the ageing process, while others will be more interested in how you can help.

We spoke to Sarah-Jane Pearson of S3 Skin and Laser Clinic. She told us:

“It’s not just about selling treatments and products. It’s about being interested in the client and trying to help them. If they feel valued, it makes a big difference.”

We also had a chat with Debbie Swindell of Rejuve Aesthetics. She said:

“How much detail I go into is down to the individual client. Some are more receptive to taking everything in so I tailor the conversation to their needs. The key is to be knowledgeable when talking about menopause to instill confidence in the client. You’ve got to be armed with the right answers – delivered in a confident manner.”

Emepelle Products

Start a conversation with Emepelle

Recommending a skincare product that women can use at home as part of their daily routine is a great way to start talking about menopause with your clients.

Emepelle, featuring revolutionary MEP Technology® is ideal as it has been created specifically to target the visible signs of skin ageing caused by menopause.

MEP Technology® is a new kind of cosmeceutical ingredient. It acts on the skin cells fibroblasts and keratinocytes, activating new oestrogen receptors. This helps restore collagen, hyaluronic acid and epidermal thickness in skin affected by menopause, without systemic effect.1

The Emepelle range includes a serum for daytime use and a night cream that works during sleep.

This will allow you to tailor your conversation to each individual client. Some will be interested to learn the science behind the ageing process, while others will be more interested in how you can help.

Debbie told us:

“I often use Emepelle when talking about menopause. I don’t overload the client with information but having the product makes the conversation easier.”

What next?

As an Emepelle® stockist, you’ll gain access to all the information you need to confidently talk to your clients about the effects menopause has on the skin.

To find out more about becoming an Emepelle® stockist, contact us on: 0800 0195 322, or visit or fill in the short form below and a member of our friendly team will be in touch.