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Launch NeoRetin Rejuvemax with a bang!

Launch NeoRetin Rejuvemax with a bang!

The brand new NeoRetin Rejuvemax range is here… and we’ve got a fabulous new campaign and offer to help you promote the range to your clients and offer them fantastic value for money!

What is NeoRetin Rejuvemax?

NeoRetin Rejuvemax is a brand new range from the brains behind Heliocare 360° and Endocare. It’s the perfect skincare regime to help fight the early signs of ageing. Based on powerful Vitamin A technology, the regime renews, nourishes and defends the skin with remarkable results.


• Renews with the unique RetinSphere Technology. The latest generation of retinoids, RetinSphere Technology, is a powerful Vitamin A complex that increases skin cell turnover with maximum efficacy and tolerability.

• Nourishes with an advanced hydration system that gives immediate and slow releasing hydration that leaves skin feeling beautifully soft, and keeps the skin in prime condition for the Vitamin A to get to work.

• Defends the skin from the damage caused by pollution and tobacco smoke with the revolutionary technology EDAFENCE. Derived from the Antarctic grass, Deschampsia antarctica, this unique technology not only provides anti-oxidant protection, but also prevents the stimulation of the AhR receptor – the initial trigger for the cascade of damage that pollution causes within the skin.


In addition, the range also contains Niacinamide to soothe the skin and reduce redness, and Vitamins C & E to boost anti-oxidant activity.

Stock NeoRetin Rejuvemax in your clinic – request a callback today!

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The products in the range

The range comprises a Day Defence Cream, a Transition Cream a Gel and Gel Intense.

Start clients on the Gel before moving to the Gel Intense – the maximum strength Vitamin A Gel.

Every NeoRetin Rejuvemax product features a carefully balanced combination of all the key technologies and ingredients, giving the skin exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

Take a look at the results


Stock NeoRetin Rejuvemax in your clinic – request a callback today!

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Come on board with NeoRetin Rejuvemax now and launch with a bang! You’ll not only get all of the clinic merchandising materials that you need to promote the range, but for a limited time when your clients buy the full regime (three products) we’ll provide the Heliocare 360° of their choice ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Heliocare 360° provides SPF50 broad spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A plus free radical defence and DNA repair. It’s the perfect addition to the regime to give skin the daily protection it needs.

Promotional materials for skin clinics

When professional skin clinics come on board with the NeoRetin Rejuvemax brand and latest campaign they will receive the following campaign pack:

• Merchandising unit
• Fully supported offer
• A5 client leaflets
• A2 campaign poster
• A4 campaign promo card and holder
• Campaign focused social media posts
• Campaign focused email copy

Facebook campaign

We’ll be running social media campaigns to raise awareness of the NeoRetin Rejuvemax brand among consumers. The adverts and posts will encourage those interested to get in touch with us so that we can point them in the direction of their nearest professional skin clinic stockist.

Get onboard with this campaign

Complete the form below and we’ll get in touch to chat to you about getting on board with NeoRetin Rejuvemax and kicking off your launch with the new campaign!