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Leading dermatologist Dr Doris Day recommends Heliocare!

Leading dermatologist Dr Doris Day recommends Heliocare!

“I’ll be sure to always carry a powder SPF for reapplication and take Heliocare … at breakfast and lunch for added protection. I try to avoid midday sun when possible and stay in the shade when I can”

Like Dr Doris Day says, even the highest-level broad-spectrum topical protection is not enough to protect skin against free radicals – this is especially the case during extended periods of time spent outdoors, or holidays.

Fear not. Heliocare 360˚ Capsules are a powerful anti-oxidant supplement, clinically proven to help defend against the free radicals that can age your skin beyond your years and impair skin health. Simply take one capsule in the morning in addition to the application of your favourite Heliocare 360˚ topical product.

No only that, the Heliocare 360˚ Color Cushion Compacts are an compact containing a sponge soaked in a lightweight, oil-free tinted Heliocare 360˚ formulation with a sponge applicator. Heliocare 360˚ Color Cushion Compacts provide a buildable, dewy foundation coverage that you can top up easily throughout the day.

The Heliocare 360˚ range provides unrivalled protection against UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A with a combination of broad-spectrum sun protection filters that work at the surface of the skin, and anti-oxidants that work within it to help stop the production of free radicals.

With a range of elegant formulations, there’s a Heliocare 360˚ for every skin type and lifestyle:

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