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Neoretin Rejuvemax


Skin renewal, nourishment and defence

NeoRetin Rejuvemax is a next generation Vitamin A regime that builds in intensity and combines advanced ingredients to renew, nourish and defend skin when the first signs of ageing start to appear. The regime is clinically proven to:

  • Smooth lines and wrinkles
  • Firm the skin and restore elasticity
  • Brighten skin tone
  • Defend the skin against the damage caused by pollution, tobacco smoke and other environmental stressors

Read on to find out about the powerful and unique ingredients, and what support you get from us when you launch the range in your clinic.

rejuvemax regime
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Who Is Neoretin Rejuvemax For?

When the early signs of ageing start to appear it’s time to focus on epidermal rejuvenation. It’s recommended that Vitamin A and / or AHA’s are introduced the regime to achieve this.

This approach is based on the Skin Health Ladder which is adapted from The Skin Health and Beauty Pyramid; a tool devised by leading dermatologists in an independent, clinically based guide to selecting the right skincare.

The premise of the Skin Health Ladder is that as the skin ages, you move up the ladder adding additional ingredients and technologies to the skincare regime as you go.

The first rung of the ladder, Skin Protection and Health, is the foundation for every skincare regime. Every client regardless of age should be using skincare containing SPF, anti-oxidants and DNA repair enzymes (such as Heliocare 360°).

When the early signs of ageing start to appear, Epidermal Rejuvenation becomes necessary and for this it’s recommended that Vitamin A and / or AHA’s are introduced the regime. This is the area of the Skin Health Ladder in which the NeoRetin Rejuvemax regime sits.

As the signs of ageing advance and we see more mature skin, we move to the next rung of the ladder. In addition to the ingredients listed under Skin Protection and Health and Epidermal Rejuvenation, we need to introduce Dermal Regeneration with peptides, growth factors and stem cell activators.

Skin Health Ladder

Download the Skin Health Ladder diagram.

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Renews: Powerful Vitamin A

NeoRetin Rejuvemax is based on patented Vitamin A technology; RetinSphere Technology. It’s the latest generation of retinoids delivering maximum efficacy and tolerability.

RetinSphere Technology uniquely combines retinol in glycospheres and microsponges with Hydroxypinacolone retinoate (a retinoic ester) to increase skin cell turnover. It’s this innovative combination that makes RetinSphere Technology so powerful, delivering both immediate and gradual release for maximum results and tolerability for the client.

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Nourishes: Advanced Hydration

The sophisticated hydration system in NeoRetin Rejuvemax delivers both immediate and slow release skin hydration that leaves skin feeling beautifully soft.

More importantly, the hydration system improves the skin barrier, so clients experience less dryness and irritation from the Vitamin A and even see improved results. It’s a key feature in the two-week prep phase of the regime which gets the skin in prime condition for the Vitamin A to get to work.

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How does pollution damage the skin?

Air pollution caused by car fumes, factories and combustion etc, as well as tobacco smoke have a negative impact on the skin. The damage that they can cause includes:

  • Impaired barrier function
  • Pigmentation
  • Impaired skin health
  • Reduced skin vitality

A major cause of this damage is the stimulation of a specific receptor in skin cells called the AhR receptor – a key aspect in true pollution defence.

Defends: Revolutionary Anti-Pollution Technology

NeoRetin Rejuvemax contains EDAFENCE, a revolutionary technology that defends the skin from damage caused by pollution and tobacco smoke in an exciting and unique way.

Derived from the Antarctic grass, Deschampsia antarctica, this new technology provides anti-oxidant protection and prevents the stimulation of the AhR receptor – the initial trigger for the cascade of damage that pollution causes.

EDAFENCE is clinically proven to provide long-lasting defence from the damage caused by pollution, sunlight and tobacco smoke, and is exclusive to Cantabria Labs products.

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Additional Key Ingredients

vitamins c & e
Carefully Balanced Regime

Every NeoRetin Rejuvemax product features a carefully balanced combination of all the key technologies and ingredients, giving the skin exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

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Clinically Proven Results

rejuvemax firmness
rejuvemax wrinkles
1. Vitale M, RADLA, 2018
Images courtesy of Vitale M, RADLA, 2018. After 3 months' use.
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The products

Clients will leave the clinic with three products in the regime, choosing between either the Gel or Gel Intense depending on whether they’re skin is already used to Vitamin A.

They’ll use just one product in the morning and one in the evening. In the evening they will use either the Transition Cream or Gel / Gel Intense as they build up the skin’s tolerance of Vitamin A.

Neoretin Rejuvemax Day Defense Cream Tube

NeoRetin Rejuvemax Day Defence

A light hydracream providing high levels of protection throughout the day.

Retinol potency +

Neoretin Rejuvemax Transition Cream Tube

NeoRetin Rejuvemax Transistion Cream

An intensely hydrating cream to maintain a healthy skin barrier, and help your skin put the Vitamin A to work.

Retinol potency +

Neoretin Rejuvemax Gel Intense Tube

NeoRetin Rejuvemax Gel Intense

A silky gel with the highest levels of the powerful RetinSphere Technology for intensive renewal ideal for those who have been using Vitamin A.

Retinol potency +++

Neoretin Rejuvemax Gel Tube

NeoRetin Rejuvemax Gel

A silky gel with the highest levels of the powerful RetinSphere Technology for intensive renewal ideal for those who have been using Vitamin A.

Retinol potency ++

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Your Marketing Support

Come on board with NeoRetin Rejuvemax now and launch with a bang! You’ll not only get all of the clinic merchandising materials that you need to promote the range, but for a limited time when your clients buy the full regime (three products) we’ll provide the Heliocare 360° of their choice ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Heliocare 360° provides SPF50 broad spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A plus free radical defence and DNA repair. It’s the perfect addition to the regime to give skin the daily protection it needs.

Promotional materials for skin clinics

When professional skin clinics come on board with the NeoRetin Rejuvemax brand and latest campaign they will receive the following campaign pack:

  • Merchandising unit
  • Fully supported offer
  • A5 client leaflets
  • A2 campaign poster
  • A4 campaign promo card and holder
  • Campaign focused social media posts
  • Campaign focused email copy

Facebook campaign

We’ll be running social media campaigns to raise awareness of the NeoRetin Rejuvemax brand among consumers. The adverts and posts will encourage those interested to get in touch with us so that we can point them in the direction of their nearest professional skin clinic stockist.

neoretin rejuvemax merch
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Working with Us

At AesthetiCare, our philosophy is to be the best we can be. We work closely with our customers to build strong, dependable relationships. Our focus is on you – finding new ways to support you and helping you drive growth within your business.

Our dynamic and experienced business development and training team are on hand to offer support and new ideas to engage with your clients. We hope that you find they become an extension of your own team.

When it comes to engaging with consumers and driving brand awareness, our marketing team are on it. With regular consumer focused brand campaigns that not only raise the profile of our brands, but also drive traffic into your clinic.

All our internal processes and teams, from customer service through to the warehouse team who dispatch your orders, meet strict standards and regulations – so you can rely on us in every aspect of our business.

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