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NeoRetin review by the Good Surgeon Guide

NeoRetin review by the Good Surgeon Guide

Phee from the Good Surgeon Guide conducted a review of NeoRetin to address some pigmentation that she had on her forehead, and we’re pleased to see that the results have been fantastic in just 12 weeks’ use!



NeoRetin is the one stop shop for pigmentation resolution that’s kind on skin – and it has fantastic clinical evidence to support its efficacy in all skin types, treating mild and severe pigmentation.

Its evidence-based ingredients get to work at every stage of the melanin production cycle. The range also contains anti-inflammatory agents that soothe the skin and reduce any inflammation, and an advanced moisturising system that leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

Phee followed the standard protocol of using the NeoRetin Gelcream in the morning and the Serum in the evening, but the Serum (the stronger formulation) can also be used in the morning before the Gelcream for those with more severe pigmentation.

Phee’s delighted with the results that she’s seen – you can see why!

So what are you waiting for? Tackle your pigmentation – start your NeoRetin regime by contacting your nearest clinic.

If you’d like to stock NeoRetin in your clinic please contact us.

Before NeoRetin treatment

Before NeoRetin treatment

After 12 weeks' use of NeoRetin Gelcream and Serum

After 12 weeks’ use of NeoRetin Gelcream and Serum

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