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NEW! Heliocare 360° Summer campaign is here!

NEW! Heliocare 360° Summer campaign is here!

Come on board with the latest Heliocare 360° clinic campaign, designed to give you all the tools you need to promote Heliocare 360° in your clinic and educate your clients about the damage that the sun can cause to their skin.

The campaign: Your summer skin hero

If there’s one product your clients need to protect their skin this summer, it’s Heliocare 360°... and that’s because nothing protects skin like it!

Your campaign pack will bring Heliocare 360° to life in your clinic with fresh, summery merchandising as well as new social media posts and educational materials.

Still focusing on encouraging the use of Heliocare 360° every day regardless of the weather we bring a summery spin to spreading the word about the need for daylight / sun protection.

While the sun damages our skin all year round it’s more powerful, and therefore harmful, in the summer – which is when we also spend more time outside.

Let’s make sure that every one of your clients, regardless of age, is giving their skin the very best protection by using their favourite Heliocare 360° every day!

Your campaign pack:

When you come on board with the campaign you’ll receive your campaign pack and digital marketing toolkit:

A2 poster:
Display anywhere that your clients are likely to see it, whether that be your reception area or treatment area – we can also provide poster holders for your window if that’s the best promo space for you.

A4 display card:
Display near your merchandising unit to draw your clients’ eye to the product.

A5 promo leaflets:
Packed with interesting sun facts, keep these in your reception area to encourage people to read them while they wait for their appointment.

A4 Fernblock FC display card:
Fernblock FC is the super power behind Heliocare 360°, and this visual display shows your clients just how powerful it is!

Updated marketing toolkit:
You’ll find new social media posts in the campaign folder of your online marketing toolkit to help you launch your new campaign with a bang online.

Your Heliocare 360° Heroes sub-campaign

The Heliocare 360° Heroes series changes throughout the year and gives each Heliocare 360° product its time in the limelight – it runs alongside your main Summer Skin Hero campaign. It’s a great way of highlighting the benefits of each product and who it’s most suitable for.

This time it’s the turn of the hugely popular Heliocare 360° Oil Free Gel! We’ve got a fabulous special offer to help you promote the campaign – fill out the short form and we’ll be in touch to tell you all about it!

Not yet a Heliocare 360° stockist?

We’ve got fantastic offers to help you come on board as a Heliocare 360° stockist, plus some great marketing materials and a merchandising unit for you to showcase the range.

We’d love to talk to you about becoming a Heliocare 360° stockist and starting the NEW summer campaign.

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To support the activity in your clinic and to drive awareness of the damage that the sun/daylight causes, we’re creating lots of new content that you can share with your clients across Facebook and Instagram.

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Get involved!

Whether you already offer Heliocare 360° in your clinic or you’re new to the brand, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to bring you on board with this fabulous campaign!