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In search of real-life “Vanishing Creams” by Jo Martin

In search of real-life “Vanishing Creams” by Jo Martin

Jo Martin – Aesthetic Consultant at Martin-Stapleton Consulting Ltd. Clinic Founder. First private laser clinic in the East Midlands. Est. 1993. 22 Years of Laser experience. Lecturer on all Mapperley Park Training Courses. Ex NHS Physiotherapist.

I can still recall being eight years old and finding my mother’s pot of “Vanishing Cream” and being amazed at the whole prospect of what it promised. Having liberally covered my hands in this slimy, perfumed gloop I realised that I had been duped- both hands were still clearly visible. However, the double disappointment of failure and the serious retribution for wasting my mother’s cream clearly began to teach me the lesson I needed to learn!

Many years on I am still fascinated by the, often outrageous, promises manufacturers make for their products. Thankfully the Trades Description Act put a stop to claims such as “removes all wrinkles” which is now diluted down to “may reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles” which of course they can say, simply because pretty much any hydrating cream which hyper hydrates the epidermis will reduce the appearance of fine lines- for a few hours anyway.

In the face of all this Fake News in the Aesthetics arena how is a sensible person with a sensible budget supposed to find genuinely effective products?

I ran a busy skin clinic for 23 years and, in that time, I sold thousands of skin care products ranging from the very expensive to the moderately priced. All my choices for both the retail side of my business, as well as my own personal use, were based on sound research and proven facts. My personal favourite was the Endocare range in which I virtually bathed on a daily basis and never failed to be happy with the health of my skin as a result. These modestly priced products were a delight to my clients as well and I never had anybody express disappointment with their results.

Based on extensive clinical research, and originally employed in the medical arena, it became known that our good friend the Crytomphalus Aspersa snail could produce significant skin healing effects which involved some pretty serious levels of regeneration. And what does skin require increasingly as it ages? Regeneration of course!

Consequently I was very interested when the company asked me if I would like to try their latest range of Products- Endocare CELLPRO. The latest version contains CAF BioAction Technology which is actually the correct terminology for snail derived stem cell activators. So why is this exciting? Because as we age, our fibroblasts, or collagen factories, become less productive and decrease in numbers which leads to skin thinning and laxity. The stem cell activators in CELLPRO can revive and re-energise our own stem cells and encourage them to turn into new fibroblasts. This means more collagen and elastin in the deeper layers and therefore firmer and tighter skin in the longer term.

The inclusion of Vitamin A ingredients also improves surface skin by increasing skin cell turnover and renewal, leading to smoother and brighter looking skin, thereby starting to reverse another part of the skin ageing process.

An advanced moisturising system and vitamin C and E complexes complete this impressive allrounder and make it a real advancement in anti-ageing skincare.

I started using the products in June, so you might wonder why I am only just writing about them now but there is a very good reason for that. Actual collagen production in skin takes approximately 3 months to achieve and scientists looking at the effects of CELLPRO use have taken skin biopsies and observed new collagen production at 90 days and beyond. So these are not “quick fix” products but long term anti-ageing tools which continue to improve the skin as time goes on.

This does not mean that you will need to slice out sections of your skin to check for improvement of course because, if you follow the simple regime as I did the results will be clear in the mirror.

I was unsure at first about simply applying one eye cream twice a day and either a Gelcream plus Heliocare 360˚ SPF in the morning and cream only in the evening, because I normally layer a number of products on top of each other. I didn’t need to worry though because, despite using a lot less cream of various types, my skin has not suffered from dryness at all but quite the reverse. It is bright and has a glow to it that I always associate with healthy skin.

Having let my Botox and fillers wear off completely I am now solely reliant on using the NEWA RF home use device and the CELLPRO products and, as I am no spring chicken at 63, this is quite a big ask.

Having said that, I feel that my skin is looking as healthy as it ever has and the mimetic, or movement, lines on my forehead which have reappeared in the absence of Botox are nowhere near as deep as they were when I was in my forties.

I will continue with these products without a doubt as for me they represent my favourites but with extra benefits.

And the cost of these clever products? Just £54.99 per item which equates to many OTC products which promise a lot but deliver so little by comparison.

And the modern day vanishing cream equivalents? I’ll leave those to the light weights- if you are serious about skin health you need Snail Power!


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