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Retriderm named Aesthetic Medicine’s “Skin Hero”

Retriderm named Aesthetic Medicine’s “Skin Hero”

As part of an article for their May 2017 issue, Aesthetic Medicine Magazine has named Retriderm as one of its “Skin Heroes”. The piece details which key brands that clinics should be stocking to help improve their product offering for the rapidly-growing anti-ageing market and better meet their client’s needs.

Speaking to Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Lisa Delamine from Persona Cosmetic Medicine says “I find Retriderm fantastic for the fine lines around my eyes, plus it’s quick and easy to use. In my opinion it is one of the best anti-ageing products on the market today.”

The Retriderm clinically-proven natural skin rejuvenation serums are specifically designed to repair the effects of ageing and maintain healthy skin. The fast-acting, protein-rich serum is based around clinically-advanced Vitamin A skin rejuvenation that improves the appearance of skin hyper-pigmentation, laxity and tightness, brightness and facial wrinkles.

Retriderm harnesses the qualities of Retinol, a naturally available form of Vitamin A that can be found in our diet and in our own bodies. The unique, patent pending serums optimise the stability and bioavailability of retinol that can get to work in our skin, while minimising irritation.

Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin, as it promotes the production and differentiation of skin cells, and has been clinically proven to rejuvenate ageing and UV damaged skin – with results seen in as little as 3 months.


Find out more about Retriderm here

Read “Skin Heroes” in Aesthetic Medicine May 2017 Issue, available now.


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