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Reveal, don’t conceal

Reveal, don’t conceal

Committed to banishing the telltale signs of ageing for good!

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Most of us are aware of the importance of a good skincare regime in keeping skin healthy and looking younger. But while we carefully and dutifully look after the skin on our faces, many of us forget about those telltale areas that give us away like the neck, décolleté and backs of hands.

From medigrade skincare to treatments in the clinic, there are so many options to rejuvenate your skin in those forgotten areas. When you see the results you can get you’ll see that there’s no need to conceal skin with high necklines or silk scarves – it’s time to reveal beautiful, youthful looking skin and the confidence that goes with it!

We were inspired to run our Reveal Don’t Conceal campaign by some recent research into Endocare, our clinically proven snail-derived growth factor range, which showed remarkable results when used daily on the neck and décolleté for just 60 days.

endocare before and after neck


Endocare before and after neck front

Before and after 60 days treatment with 50% SCA

We’re inviting clinics to join the campaign by creating their own signature treatments that tackle these forgotten areas. The Waterhouse Young Clinic in London have been the first to join us with their signature treatment, the Triple Intensif™ Skin Workout.

Their skin workout combines the use of Endocare Tensage Ampoules with Retriderm,a powerful and fast-acting retinol serum. The regime is used alongside a programme of EndyMed advanced radiofrequency treatments that focus on different aspects of the skin to provide a complete workout from the inside out, and the outside in – all with minimal pain and downtime.

Anna Silsby, Clinic Director at The Waterhouse Young Clinic says:

“At Waterhouse Young we only support treatments which have been validated with good scientific evidence and proven results. This combined treatment package fulfils those criteria. Each element of the Skin Work Out gives great results alone; in combination they are truly amazing. Our clients are absolutely delighted.”

You can start your own Reveal Don’t Conceal regime by using Endocare Tensage Ampoules daily on the neck, décolleté and backs of hands. Find your local stockist.

Want to join the Reveal Don’t Conceal campaign in your clinic? Contact us to find out how.

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