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Summer Skin Marketing with ENDYMED

Summer Skin Marketing with ENDYMED

With summer hot approaching many of your clients will be preparing for an abundance of social engagements where they’ll want to look and feel their very best. This is the time they’ll be starting to think about their biggest skin concerns such as crows’ feet, droopy jowls, sun damage and lack lustre skin.

Ease their skin worries with ENDYMED – The solution to every skin ageing concern.

Whether your clients are looking for firmer, tighter, more radiant looking skin with no pain or down time or if they’re looking for a more intense treatment to rejuvenate skin with more advanced ageing and sun damage, there will be an ENDYMED treatment to help them get skin confident this summer.

‘Get Summer Skin Confident’ campaign

In order to take advantage of the summer season of opportunity, it’s essential to build awareness and create demand for ENDYMED treatments. To help get you started we’ve created a suite of ‘Get Summer Skin Confident’ campaign marketing materials which are available now to use in your clinic and online helping you promote ENDYMED as the perfect treatment for skin this summer.

Here’s a few tips for success with your ENDYMED summer campaign:

1. Merchandise your clinic
Visual merchandising in your clinic can be a big contributor to your clients purchasing decisions. Your reception desk and waiting area are the ideal places to display strut cards and promotional leaflets to capture their attention with quick advertising whilst their visiting your clinic. We’ve created a suite of summer skin confident marketing materials you can use which explain how ENDYMED treatments work and what results to expect.

2. Use social media
Social media is a great way to create as much exposure as possible with your engaged followers. Many of your clients will view and engage with social media every day and look to you for advice. Take advantage of this and promote ENDYMED treatments to them, the ENDYMED Marketing Toolkit contains summer skin confident social media posts ready to use.

3. Entice passers by
The front of your clinic is a great way to entice passers by and catch the attention of your clients already visiting. In your summer campaign materials, you’ll find a bright eye catching A2 poster with a window place holder with summer skin confident messaging.

4. Update your website
Your website also a key part of promoting your ENDYMED summer skin confident campaign. Many potential customers will visit your site to find out about your latest offerings, book an appointment or even just to check your opening times. Make sure they find out about ENDYMED when they do!

5. Special offer
Once your clients are aware of you’re your fabulous ENDYMED treatments, an enticing offer to seal a course booking is a great way to attract prospective clients. Offering complimentary treatment as an add on when booking courses is a popular deal which your clients may not be able to resist!

Start your ‘Get Summer Skin Confident’ campaign

If you’re an ENDYMED clinic and would like to order your new marketing materials or if you’re interested in introducing ENDYMED in your clinic, please fill out the form below and an ENDYMED Specialist will be in touch.