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Tanya Burr is “obsessed” with Heliocare

Tanya Burr is “obsessed” with Heliocare

Beauty expert, YouTuber, Actor and Author, Tanya Burr has taken YouTube by storm with her make-up and style tutorials.

In her recent Vlog – My Everyday Winter Makeup, she reveals her New Year’s Resolution is “to wear SPF everyday”, and after a recommendation from Waterhouse Young Clinic, Tanya reveals that she is now “obsessed” with the “incredible” Heliocare Suntouch.

In her Vlog, Tanya goes on to say, “It’s such a lovely product. It doesn’t make me breakout like SPF’s have in the past” and that it gives her “lots of glow, which I love”

Heliocare Suntouch SPF 50, is a creamy tinted moisturiser that leaves you with a shimmery sun-touched glow all year round.

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