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Teresa Tarmey calls Dermalux “simply the best treatment on the market”

Teresa Tarmey calls Dermalux “simply the best treatment on the market”

As the pro-ageing revolution gains momentum and we embrace ageing with confidence, more and more people are turning towards natural rejuvenation over going under the knife. “When clients book in for a treatment with me, it’s always to improve their skin quality” says Teresa Tarmey in her recent interview with the Daily Telegraph.

Standing by her motto – ‘Good quality skin is the key to a youthful look’ Teresa has noticed as the beauty industry evolves, that clients are wanting different results, “They don’t want the frozen look, they want clearer brighter skin” Teresa goes on to say “You can take off five years from the look of someone by simply improving the clarity and health of the skin, that’s where the light comes in” and that “light is so underrated. If you want your skin to look brighter in 10 minutes, there’s nothing more effective.”

Dermalux works by using highly advanced LEDs to expose your skin specific wavelengths of light simultaneously, this boosts skin energy and activates the skin cells, leaving your skin looking immediately brighter for outstanding natural results.

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