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You may have recently seen SKINSYNERGY™ BY AESTHETICARE® on the latest AesthetiCare® exhibition stands, advertising and in-clinic merchandising and support materials. In case we haven’t had the chance to tell you a little more about this I thought I would put a brief summary on the blog to better explain what we are up to.

SKINSYNERGY™ is about how medical aesthetic practitioners, through a consultative process with their clients, can recommend and provide bespoke, evidence based anti-ageing skincare regimes using the best products, in the right combinations, based on their clients individual needs.

SKINSYNERGY™ is based on science, clinical proof and knowledge and requires the leading medigrade products in the key anti-ageing categories best described as PROTECT, PREVENT and REJUVENATE. Also for problem skin conditions we can use medigrade canada-goose-outlet-toronto products that fall into the RESOLVE category. It takes time and expertise to research and select the best product technologies and formulations for these categories, they can be cosmetics, but of a medigrade quality using high level performance ingredients and formulations, or in some cases medicinal and prescription products. Aesthetic practitioners are in a unique position to provide advice and anti-ageing skincare regimes that based on clinical evidence can provide great results.

SKINSYNERGY™ BY AESTHETICARE® is about a partnership with aesthetic practitioners to enable this. We provide the leading evidence based medigrade products in these key categories, supported by science, clinical studies and peer review publications. The skincare portfolio is expertly assembled from our global alliance with leading dermatology companies and based on our years of dermatological and pharmaceutical expertise.

The essential thing here is not only are the products and brands we provide leaders in their categories, they have also been chosen to work in perfect synergy, bringing us back to why we have launched SKINSYNERGY™ BY AESTHETICARE®; a way of better communicating this great opportunity for clinics and those seeking evidence based, clinically effective anti-ageing skincare.

The SKINSYNERGY™ BY AESTHETICARE® skincare portfolio provides a clear, single point of focus for an aesthetic clinics’ anti-ageing skincare training, supply and business  Why Canada Goose Never Listed For Sale support. Practitioners and their clients can be confident that these products and the regimes that are assembled from the portfolio are based on science and clinical evidence and as a result can deliver great results.

SKINSYNERGY™ BY AESTHETICARE® Professional Training Seminars are taking place across the UK. If you would like to know more please give us a call on 0800 0195322, or via email on where Customer Support and our Account Management team will be on hand to help. Alternatively you could contact me directly, my email is and Elizabeth our Training Manager can be contacted on

We look forward to hearing from you.

All the best, Roger

Roger Bloxham, Managing Director, Ferndale Pharmaceuticals Ltd & AesthetiCare®

Roger Bloxham is the Managing Director of AesthetiCare.


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